All of us knows the onion and we put it almost in our food every day, onions is the second most important crop after the tomato, onion has many types, including red, yellow, white and green, each with a different taste of the other, used onions in the kitchen in different ways, including cooked and fresh and dried, And what to do in our eyes.
Onion has great health benefits such as it's antioxidant and natural antibiotic as well as protects from leaks Cold, but here we try to offer you some other characteristics and benefits of onions, which can be a surprise to all Coagulation Onion works to prevent.
blood clotting
in cases of blood clotting in the heart and blood vessels blood pressure It works to relieve blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure, as well as fat problems that accumulate in the blood vessels Anti-inflammatory The ancient Egyptians used onions to clean out external wounds from germs and rot, as well as to treat arthritis without knowing that it was one of the strongest antibiotics in the case of arthritis.
Cold treatment The onion, by its very nature, calms the airways and liquefy the mucus that collects in the throat during the cold Idle It activates the body and supply the blood with white blood reels, making it one of the most powerful natural stimulants for the body Hair Not many of us know that onion juice has been known since ancient times that it is a fluid that increases the hair growth and strengthen it, but everyone avoids in this case because of its foul smell Intestine There is no stronger than onions in cleansing the intestines of bacteria and parasites harmful to the body as well as kill the intestinal worms that feed on the body and cause weakness and anemia