Computer Virus
The human body gets a number of diseases caused by viruses, the virus in the human body is a parasitic organism that lives in the body and spreads in it. This usually requires taking antibiotics to eliminate the virus.
The computer is similar to the human body, and therefore is called any malicious program in the computer virus. A malicious program sent by some professionals in the software industry to destroy other devices either for entertainment or for the purpose of obtaining important data.
The virus copies any information, image or file type on the computer and sends it to the programmer who sent it.
The infected computer may infect other devices when transferring infected files. This makes it spread more among devices and this takes a lot of time to discover and destroy . The Internet is the easiest way to spread viruses at the present time. This happens when you log on to unknown sites. There is no anti-virus program on your computer.
It spreads from this computer to the rest of the connected devices. The virus has symptoms on your computer. Applications, slow motion or the disappearance of some files.
In order to prevent the virus from entering the computer, it is necessary to activate a firewall, both within the operating system or that comes with the protection programs.
It is also important to use and update the antivirus programs constantly and also check the programs that are downloaded continuously to ensure that they do not contain Viruses. You should keep a backup of important files and programs to make sure they are not lost or lost if the virus is to your computer.